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It was considered that stress-related individuals watching films like Forbidden Planet, Star Wars, and later Avatar bring short-term welcome relief. These films all based on inspired top stories and novels from authors and screenwriters and magazines like Astounding Science Fiction in the 1950s. Likewise, books of this fiction genre credited with similar results. In the 50’s the whole decade dominated by speculative fiction with epic fantasy anthologies to astound the readers throughout plus the added comic and comic book markets. The world seemed full of serials and standalone novels. Readers were treated to books that encompassed the post-apocalyptic style. It was standard practice for the writers to create hundreds of surreal, fantastical, and imaginative aliens. The bookstores were full of authors of great merit, Arthur C. Clark, Philip P. Dick, and H. G. Wells to name but a few. Novels were serialised with amazing stories of the future. Short stories were abundant and filmed popular episodes including the famed Flash Gordon series featured for entertainment rather than carrying messages. The pioneering physicist, Albert Einstein with new formulae began to introduce the theory of relativity and later the introduction of quantum physics. In the ‘60s the exploration of outer space and space travel started in earnest followed by trips to the moon.

A  FEAST of IMAGINATIVE THINKING... Or COULD SOME of it BECOME REAL? The mysterious spectacle of a crew  out-of-body in uncharted celestial realms. An uneasy journey of a lifetime leading to the edge of existence. Leap on to the eerie trail of spectral danger and the visions of the phantasmal portal of death with the  strange and terrifying cloud of unlife collision  between dimensions.

In the markets of today, self-publishing has become a reality bringing thousands of new stories to the eager public. The quick download and streaming systems for films and books is massive, allowing people with an active imagination to push the average television programmes slowly out of existence. Electronic pads that are now available can load many books to read at bedtime, on a Kindle, or maybe pick a book to read after Harry Potter. The speculative series of books by Robin G Howard of Jim Long space agent is a mixed genre of science fiction with fantasy and the supernatural. It spotlights novels and chunky yarns of a space agency in the future featuring cosmic battles between good and evil colliding in other realities. The imaginary futuristic world has an unusual combination that describes different dimensions of existence. These books are suitable and appeal to all ages from teens upwards.


The Jim Long series gives intriguing imaginative and gripping suspense written for pure entertainment, but with a few hidden warnings. It is a strange fact that many humans discard their conscience and become predators and monsters. It is not always clear who is benevolent and who are malevolent for most of these supernal beings are beautiful in celestial form. There are strange nebulas in the dark regions of the galaxy where deadly supernal creatures interact with physicality causing widespread misery and hardship. In one such part, a visit to Occult City with chilling adventures in what seems like sorcery and dark magic. Visit the multiverse of other dimensions of time and space. Please avail yourself of the free space agency guide to the galaxy police, an illustrated handbook of the Galaxy Space Agency with a free mini-story. Read about the agency Starfleet starships intergalactic craft that move in a travel dimension warp running time back to keep in the same time mode. All stories are standalone fiction thrillers of outer space, space travel and the utopian celestial sectors. All Books purchased on Jim Long space agent bookstore or online booksellers, Amazon, Kindle and other stores.